Perth Regionals!

The very first Australian Regional Seminars for Stampin' Up! were held in Perth last weekend, and what a fabulous day that was! Sort of like convention, but on a much smaller scale :) I received an email about a week prior asking if I would demonstrate a project up on stage along with some other local demonstrators. My first reaction was to shake in my boots, as I am not at all accustomed to (or particularly fond of ) stages and microphones, but after a swift pep talk from Tim, all was good. Of course it didn't stop me thinking about it every waking moment (and even sleeping moment in fact - I had a dream the night I got the email that I turned up to demonstrate and the other presenter was doing the EXACT same project as me! Nightmare!! I think in the dream I asked if I could go first ;)) Aaaaaanyway, despite having to wait all day to do my presentation, I was not really nervous at all when the time came. It was just like a great big workshop and I had a lot of fun. I demonstrated a project that I have been doing quite a lot at my workshops in June and it involves an envelope and the paper crimper. The original idea came from Splitcoast of course! Here is the one that I made while I was on stage:

mixed bouquet pouch 1

I was also asked to have some finished projects to show, so I made some up using different stamps and colours for quite a different look. This one uses the gorgeous Floral background and the slit punch and 1/16 inch circle hand punch to make the little scallop lid:

floral pouch 1

The next one I used Bodacious Bouquet (like I could RESIST using that set in anything I am doing at the moment!!) and Background Sampler:

bodacious bouquet pouch

This one is a bit of a "blokey" take on the idea (I actually used the word "blokey" in my presentation, and the girls from the US commented on it! Said they learned a new word to take home!):

U pouch 1 2

And the final one has a Christmas theme:

christmas pouch

The process of making them is very simple. You just lick and stick an envelope, then cut a strip off one of the sides. Feed the larger part through the crimper (after stamping) and it becomes slightly narrower so that the bit you trimmed off becomes the lid. Then you just jazz it up for whatever occasion you need it for! I think they'd be a nice way to give somebody a store voucher as a gift rather than leaving it in the plain carboard backing it comes with :)