How lucky am I??

Firstly, I just thought I'd better let you know that I am still here, despite not having posted for over a week! Sorry! I just had to catch up on life after coming down from my enormous convention high. I haven't even finished telling all my exciting convention stories here yet, but I just have to butt in here with an "I'm so lucky" story... Aside from the fact that I have the best job EVER with this whole stampin' thing, I am also married to THE most amazing and supportive and just real sweet fella. I had a workshop this morning and between completing that, picking up my girls (thanks Janny :-)) and basically running around this afternoon, we missed seeing Tim as he had already left for karate training followed by work. Well I walked in the door this evening with my big girl snoring on my shoulder and this is what greeted us in the hallway:


The little note says "For my Girls! I love you!!" and "dinner and beserk (our word for dessert!!) in the fridge". Again, how lucky am I???