Convention 2007 - I may never wash again!

This post would likely turn into a novel except for the fact that I think I am limited to a certain number of lines per post, so I may have to break my convention adventure story into categories! The first category can be summed up as follows:

With Shelli

This elegant and ever smiling lady is the reason that Stampin' Up! exists. She is Shelli Gardner- Co-founder and CEO of Stampin' Up! and she really never does stop smiling.

I was fortunate enough to have a chat and a photo with her on the second day of convention, and a HUG on stage at the awards dinner on Saturday night! Just prior to this photo being taken, she pointed out the skirt I was wearing and said how much she liked it, at which point I most unfortunately found it necessary to tell her that it cost me precisely $6 at a Good Samaritan store. But under the circumstances I was thankful to have been able to string an English sentence together!

I do exaggerate - despite essentially having rock star status among us Stampin' Up! demonstrators, she is delightfully easy to talk to and a truly inspirational woman.