Mother's Day gifts for Kindy

My big kindy girl had a note home in her bag last week to say that there was going to be a Mother's Day stall at school and could every family please donate four gifts to be sold for $2 each at the stall. Well of course mine were going to be stamped stuff and of course, I wasn't just going to make four...... so I made sixteen!

mothers day gifts

The little boxes at the back each have a little lavender soap and a small bag of lavender bath salts inside. The booklet thingies at the front are an idea I found while browsing websites of other demonstrators (thanks Cassandra!) It is just some cardstock scored and folded to make a spine, some slits cut in the spine to make a little space for a pen and a little notepad stuck inside. Simple but sweet!

Here are some close ups:

mothers day booksmothers day bags