Rush hour!

I am a bit taken with my little counter thingy that lets me know how many people have visited my little corner of the web and earlier this evening when I was posting some stuff to my site, there were FIVE people online at one time! I know that is not a hugely amazing feat considering that there are 75 gazillion people in the world with access to the internet, but I had never noticed that many people online at the same time before and it is very exciting to think that there is some interest in my little stampin' venture :-) I am quite gobsmacked that the number of people in total that have visited is closing in on 2000, although a good number of those hits would be my biggest fans (hi Mum and Aunty Mary :-)) So.......... I am on a bit of a fact finding mission! I'd love to know who it is that comes to visit, where you are and how you found me. Leave me a comment...... oh, and do keep popping in!!!