My favourite birthday card

Today is my birthday. Well, it was - it's mostly over now (It is in fact over! The date changed as I was in the middle of writing this post!!) - but I wanted to share my favourite birthday card: [photopress:sarah_bday.jpg,full,pp_empty]

This was waiting for me when I got up this morning, having been slaved over by my handsome man until some ungodly hour last night! Lucky for him, he had chanced upon some cardstock I had used for playing with my Mixed Bouquet set and white gel pen, but the alphabet stamping, punched heart (non SU!, but that is forgiven!!) and colourful layering is all him.

He graciously informed me that I was welcome to use his card as a sample in any workshop displays I might require it for, so I thought I'd pop it up on my blog too :-)

Thanks Tim - I love you x