Congratulations Jules and Grant!

My dearest friend Jules officially snagged her handsome fella Grant last weekend when he presented her with some fabulous bling and asked if she would do him the honour of marrying him! Of course she responded very much in the affirmative and now come the wedding plans! Being rather stationery oriented myself, I happily put up my hand to assist in the design and manufacture of the wedding invitations. Grant being rather into the whole design thing himself, having dabbled in a little scrapbooking (am I allowed to mention that publicly Grant?!) was looking through some sample invitations the other night and wondering how we could do something a little different..... a little *wow*. He wondered could we put together an invitation that, when you pulled a tag at one end, the invitation slid out the other end.

Well always up for a challenge (and having seen something like that on Splitcoast very recently ;-)) I put together an engagement card for them along those very lines. This is what it looks like closed:

And this is what it looks like after you pull one end (and the other end slides out simultaneously):

I was very happy with the result, although I'm not sure about making 45 of them.....